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We help you drive business success by sourcing and recruiting top talent for your organization.


We train and develop your team to help you rise a step above your industry competition.


We provide the performance data you need to make informed business decisions.


Talent Development

Data & Analytics

Industries we work with

Health Care

  • Hospitals

  • Physicians Office

  • Insurance

  • Nursing & Residential Care


  • Clothing

  • Electronics

  • Paper & Wood

  • Food production


  • Human Causes

  • Environment

  • Medical Causes

  • Greenspace

Consumer Services

  • Professional Services

  • Finance

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Technology

Investing in the Right Talent

At Elite HR Services, talent acquisition is more than just filling job vacancies. Partnering with the right Human Resources consulting firm is paramount to your business success. Hiring an employee is an investment in your business - and we want you to make the right one. We partner with our clients to find qualified individuals that have leadership potential, are assets to your business and the foundation of strong team

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Contact Us

Have you started a small business recently? Seeking new talent for your team? Need the advice of an expert?

Submit an inquiry using the form, or send mail to:

1700 Northside Dr. NW Ste A7 Unit 5286

Atlanta, GA 30318


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