Our Clients

Small - Midsize Businesses

We realize that due to their size, some small to midsized companies may not have the budget or internal skillset required to handle temporary or ongoing matters such as hiring new employees, planning and executing training and performance management. That's where Elite HR Services can help. Based on your company's assessment, we can tailor a program to help you to meet your strategic goals and keep you compliant with employment laws and regulations.

Non Profit Organizations

At Elite HR Services, we understand that in many ways, nonprofit organizations operate much like for-profit firms. As with for-profit firms, nonprofit organizations’ needs usually revolve around their goals. However, given our firm members’ sector experience that includes an awareness of the needs of nonprofit organizations and support for nonprofits’ missions, vision, and values, we recognize that your organization is unique in that you are not a profit driven firm. Thus, we are exceptionally qualified to help your organization to reach your goals and objectives. 

Public Sector (Government)

Elite HR Services is a women-owned small business uniquely qualified to target specific challenge areas of the public sector. Whether it is talent acquisition, behavioral based interviews, alternative dispute resolution, or training and developing your staff, our firm members can assist the government in meeting its strategic goals. Contact us to learn more.