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How the Delta Variant of Covid-19 Affects Recruiting Talent

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The last few months came with a wave of emotions for many people following the news about the dreaded covid-19. Just when we thought we were finally winning the battles against the Corona Virus, the highly contagious Delta variant of Covid-19 came into the limelight, leading to another rapid rise in infections and hospitalizations in the United States and elsewhere.

Hopes that the pandemic would soon end have been dashed by the spread of this variant, which has so far evaded some of the immunity conferred by available vaccinations. Given the prospect of things becoming worse than they already are, employers are already looking for ways to acquire the right talents without putting themselves, potential employees, and their organization at any risk.

Acquiring The Best Talents May Become Difficult

The spread of the Delta Variant caused people to stay indoors and employers have been forced to come up with various strategies that will allow them to acquire talents and help them keep infections in check before, during, and after employment.

But will these strategies be effective?

People have had to employ different means of doing business online and also letting their employees work remotely, of course, this means that they are becoming more flexible, adaptive, and creative in their approach.

Employers now have to be very careful when placing adverts for talents online and also pay more attention when carrying out interviews online. Although, everything and everyone has gone digital, what if the employees being interviewed are lying to the interviewer and how can they be discovered? This has become an enormous challenge for employers seeking to employ new talents.

With so many exceptional talents out there hunting for new jobs, employers must set up a quality assessment team that will help them assess these talents before finally employing them. This team can ask for a video meeting with the employees and quickly run background checks on the employees in minutes with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Here, let’s review some measures that could help employers acquire the right talents without necessarily putting any party at risk.

1. Encourage Vaccination

The first strategy that comes to mind when thinking about controlling the spread of Covid-19 is vaccination. Many employers know this, and that’s why they are seriously encouraging their workers to get vaccinated. However, what happens to potential workers? This is where clear communication becomes paramount. While communicating the need for vaccination, you must draw their attention to the short-term benefits of vaccination. Incorporate stories and statistics where possible. You can also make the vaccination process easier to increase vaccination adoption.

2. Encourage Testing

While testing is crucial in the battle against Covid-19, only a few workers are willing to go for a test every now and then. Many do not even realize that antigen tests are now available and even affordable. This is where employers come in. Employers can easily communicate the need for constant testing to potential staff. You can even create a testing center in the interview location, where applicants can undergo testing as part of the criteria for employment.

All applicants should be instructed not to come to the workplace if they feel ill.

3. Communicate Exposures

The coming months are vital to overcoming the pandemic. As predicted, many people will get Covid-19 over the next few months. Therefore, employers must be open to honest communication about exposures of their facilities without jeopardizing the medical privacy of employees and potential employees who might have contacted the virus.


Employers must understand that there’s more to running an organization than making a profit. While profit-making may be important, employers must also lookout for the welfare of employees and potential employees. One way to look out for everybody’s welfare is by limiting the spread of the dreaded covid-19 as much as possible. There are so many things to be done, but the few points highlighted in this article are a good place to begin. However, if you still need additional guidance, Elite HR Services can help your organization to put a plan in place to ensure the safety of all employees. In addition, we can provide training, staff development, and safety training.

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