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Why is Recruiting so Hard?

If you've been in the recruiting industry for a while, then you know how difficult it can be to find great talent. However, since the introduction of COVID-19, it has been more challenging than ever to find and retain great talent. Candidates have learned that they can survive without depending on the traditional work they thought they needed before Covid. COVID-19 has been a blessing for some because they can do things they never dared to do before. Some have tapped into their 401(k) and borrowed money to start their businesses. Many have found that they can become drivers to deliver products and food and work their schedules without a boss standing over them. They have discovered freedom, which has helped compound the staffing shortage in the business industry. So what is an employer to do? How can an employer tap into the entrepreneurial mindset of a generation that does not want a boss?

There are several things that employers can do to reverse this unfortunate situation. Former employees who have decided not to return to the workforce have realized that they have value and add value to their employer. They know that the wealth gap between them, business owners, and CEOs are much broader than in recent years.

They have decided that they will not put up with this type of treatment any longer, so they are venturing out on their own. It would be wise for employers to recognize that they must share in the wealth. Well, what does that mean? Wealth is not always about money. Sometimes wealth is about freedom, empowerment, and also flexibility. This new generation of workers and I don't mean age-wise, is seeking to find value in their work and have enough time and money to spend with their family and friends. Gone are the days when people work, work, work. Employers must tap into this new mindset by branding their company and making a conscious effort to understand and appreciate their team members.

I am about to say something that may shock some and enlighten others. Companies who still use the terms boss or managers are still buying into the mindset that employees are a resource and are unaware that workers are turning away from that leadership style. Those who believe in coaching upwards and not disciplining people out of your company will be more successful.

To keep your potential candidates from ghosting you on interviews, you have to brand your company as a place they want to work. When I think of the talent pool now, I think of a song by Janet Jackson, "What Have You Done for Me Lately?" Candidates want to know what you can do for them if they come to work for you. They want to see if you offer a flexible schedule, work-from-home opportunities, or a hybrid position. They want to know if you have a promotion path for them to move up in the company and how long it will take them to move up. They want to know that your company provides the best service in the industry because they want to be proud of where they work.

I recommend that you connect with Elite as your strategic partner to help you develop a strategy to find top talent and become the employer of choice. Recruiting top talent does not have to be hard. We can help you navigate the complicated nuances of finding and retaining the type of talent that you need to have business success. Book your free consultation today or call us at 678-806-6905

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